The House of Comedy

That the holder of one of the great offices of state is reduced to sending her husband out to the garden gate, to meet the press and take the rap for ordering “Additional Features” on the Pay-to-View package that we, the tax payers, paid for, shows just how far this government has sunk.

What should now worry Labour politicians most is not the contempt in which the government  is now held – politicians after all have very thick skins – but that it is now simply the punchline of a smutty joke.

James Forsyth in his Coffee House post, Governments can recover from rage but not ridicule says it all,

These revelations [that Jacqui Smith’s husband’s pay per view porn films were charged to the taxpayer and that Nigel Griffiths MP took dozen of photographs and uploaded them to his computer of a Commons sex romp that he first denied and then claimed not to remember] are so damaging because they will lead to the voters just laughing at the government. When the electorate rages at a government, its members can at least console themselves they are being taken seriously. But when they are being mocked, there is no such consolation.

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