Graduate divas – don’t you love them

Why am I not surprised at Catrin Griffith’s leader in The Lawyer, Why the law’s no safe haven.

. . . for a generation that has been raised on tales of riches, it will take a while for reality to sink in. Indeed, plenty of graduate recruitment heads are privately frustrated at Generation Y, which has been used to having everything on a plate, and hope the credit crunch could be the making of its members.

But perhaps the real reason why “opportunities for those entering the ­profession now look rather more limited” is less about the credit crunch (though that undoubtedly is a factor) and rather more about what the future of legal services in the UK may be. It comes back to Stephen Mayson’s warning, “too many qualified lawyers, too many law firms” (see my earlier post, The C word, but which one?).

. . . and as for generation Y lawyers, see Jordan Furlong’s post in Law 21 back in May, How to work with Boomer lawyers.

4 thoughts on “Graduate divas – don’t you love them

  1. Generation Y has a lot on their plate and they don’t (dare I say) don’t deserve it. I feel like we have inherited a stigma along with decrease resources, a polluted environment, a horrible economy, etc, and yet people always think of this generation as one that is spoiled and accustomed to plenty. As a gen Y who just attended a graduate recruitmentgraduate recruitment event where the decrease in employers compared to previous years, has me wondering if this generation is blessed or cursed. Everyday it seems more and more like the latter.

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