Not waving but drowning

Train journeys offer an excellent opportunity to catch up on reading, both professional and management. Travelling to London recently, I re-read Rob Millard’s The Strategy Executioner (you will find it in Edge International September 2008 Law Firm Strategy Newsletter).

Millard sets out ten easy steps to ensure your firm’s strategy never sees the light of day; number seven particularly caught my eye,


The successful strategy executioner pays no heed to ridiculous ‘balanced scorecard’ approaches to performance measurement and reward. They keep the focus squarely on production and only production. Measure and reward billable hours only! That way, people are discouraged from poking their noses into areas where they don’t belong. If anybody asks about strategy, smile and wave and tell them that their own interests would be better served by simply working harder. An added bonus is that this approach tends to maximize short-term profit, which your partners will appreciate when they make their drawings. As to the long term: leave that up to the poor idiot who comes after you!

So now you know.

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