Dormant clients

In a recent post, Not quite such a simple solution I argued that time may be better spent looking at ways to develop your active clients; or re-activating your dormant clients.

Others think the same. See Reactivate past clients in Matthew Homan’s The [non] billable hour, which in turn links to John Jantsch’s Seven Tips to Dig out from a Recession. At the risk of repeating it,

Reactivate past customers – Where did I put that customer anyway, I know they are around here somewhere. Sad but true, sometimes we don’t bother to communicate with current customers unless they call with an order. By the time they have decided someone else appreciates their business more, it’s too late. Reach out to lapsed customers and make them an apology, promise to never ignore them again, and make them a smoking hot deal to come back.

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