Moments of madness

Andrew Gimson’s blog on on Harriet Harman is excellent, but best was his comment in his parliamentary sketch in the paper, on Nick Clegg, everybody’s arsy 6th former,

“. . . who has made a laughing stock of himself by claiming, in a moment of madness, or possibly 30 moments of madness, to have slept with 30 women.”

It has been some time since a Liberal leader has felt the urge (wait for it) to stress his heterosexual credentials. My only thought, regarding Mr Clegg, was who was having the moment of madness.

Author: wilks

I called myself wilks when I first started blogging. The idea was that it would afford a measure of anonymity. For much the same reason, there was no photo. Times change, hence the photo, but I decided that even when I changed the blog’s title at the start of 2009, I should remain wilks.

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