Ireland’s call

Not a good afternoon for Irish rugby fans (me included) yesterday at Twickenham. It is not so much the loss of the game to England (which was always on the cards) but that change is needed. The entire Six Nations campaign has been if not a disaster then a great disappointment. Whether the IRFU will have the courage to take the actions necessary, who knows. I am not convinced, notwithstanding the announcement that there is to be a detailed review.

Philip Browne, the IRFU’s chief executive didn’t look happy at the press conference, next to Eddie O’Sullivan, and rather too much management speak (what is an ‘optimal structure’?),

“The IRFU share in the disappointment with the outcome of this year’s RBS Six Nations championship from an Irish perspective and will be undertaking a detailed review of our performance. Our objective in this, as always, will be to ensure the Irish rugby team has in place the optimal structures to allow it to perform at the highest international levels into the future.”
There’s a lot to be done before the All Blacks in early June.

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