Tiptoing through Hillaryland

I caught the report of Barack Obama’s response to the ludicrous play by the Clintons (for it is now clear that there are most certainly two of them in this nomination race) that Obama should join the Clinton ticket as the junior partner. Whether it is Hillaryland or Wonderland, who knows. Obama’s point, that he is currently ahead on delegates, was well made, but the race for the nomination is getting nastier by the day. James Forsyth in Coffee House just one of many posts on this today. Even better, Mary Fitzgerald in First Drafts yesterday

Andrew Sullivan’s lead piece in the Sunday Times yesterday — “The Clintons, a horror film that never ends” —picked up on an idea that has gained swift currency in the past week: that Hillary Clinton is not just cold, calculating and impersonal, but she is in fact a creature of the Undead.

Amen to that.

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