Scrambled eggs

I remember laughing at an early Delia Smith programme, that looked at how best to boil an egg. This was something I learnt to do at an early age. Scrambled eggs were much the same: watching my ma scramble eggs, and later doing it myself; and then learning how to make breakfast even better, by adding smoked salmon and cream to the eggs. It is not, however, a dish that everyone can make. I had always thought that our eldest child made the worst scrambled eggs in the world until last week, when the eggs produced at a lawyers’ Breakfast Club in Plymouth showed that were depths she had still to plumb! Don’t whatever you do ask for scrambled eggs at Future Inns in Plymouth. The rest of the breakfast was already out when the eggs appeared; crumbling, scarcely yellow with what seemed to be brown gritty sand, and looking, smelling and tasting quite disgusting. Not a dish I recall with any pleasure, and definitely one I will not be ordering there again. It was a pleasure to read Christopher Hirst’s Can’t be beaten in the Weekend Telegraph magazine. An article (sadly not on the Telegraph website) I will be sending to the eldest; although I won’t bother doing the same with the Plymouth hotel. Instead, I will just stick to the sausages.

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