Why choose Eversheds?

Lovely mention in Lucy Kellaway’s not-to-be-missed column in the FT today, awarding Eversheds the Martin Lukes Creovation gold award for using some quite astonishingly awful copy when looking for trainee lawyers. Apparently Eversheds want people who are knowlivators (knowledgeable motivators), proactilopers (proactive developers) and five other clumping concepts that sound more like dinosaurs than legal eagles. I rushed off to the Eversheds website, to see if this was really true, but got no further than the “Why choose Eversheds” page. Apparently they hire people who have personality and a sense of humour. I can only assume that whoever wrote the advertisement for trainees (if that is what it was) had been exercising the latter; and if he or she hadn’t, that the Eversheds board does!

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