A fair cop?

Times are hard and it will be a difficult year (see my immediate past post, Stormy weather), but Gordon Brown was at his hectoring worst during PMQs today. Pressed on why the Home Secretary wouldn’t accept the recommendation from the independent tribunal on police pay, all he had to offer was his government’s anti-inflation strategy. If government is all about trust, then things are going from bad to worse. Badly done, Mr Brown.

It is all a matter of trust

An interesting column by Stefan Stern in the FT this morning on trust, and why deception is the real enemy of trust. He refers to a Gallup poll quoted by Mark Thompson (BBC DG) last week, that only 36% of UK citizens thought politicians were trying to do their best for the country.  In the context of the government’s proposals for Northern Rock and Miliband defending the refusal to offer a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, we should not be surprised.