Not a fishy story

A report in the FT this morning behind the paywall) that the French have warned the UK that they might cut the power supply to Jersey unless fishing licences are sorted.

According to the FT

A senior UK official said the government had been taken aback by the strength of the French reaction, which was seen as an “aggressive escalation” given that the UK had been working together on the question of licensing. “It’s a strange way to behave, from what is meant to be a friendly country,” they added.

Well, yes and no.

Not only does UK policy continue to have a strong cake-ist element but the UK government continues to be surprised that “our friends in Europe” (as they so often refer to them as) are prepared to take advantage when they can.

But that is what competitors do. Following Brexit, both sides are very much rivals first, and only friends when it suits.

The problem for the UK, it appears, is that we want to be liked. Rather like our Prime Minister.