The mirror never lies

I was very struck by a column in the FT this morning, Boris Johnson on back foot as UK tries to reset relationship with US, (paywalled) that reports that Boris Johnson

smarts at the comparisons with the outgoing president, who called the UK premier “Britain Trump”

and went on to quote an ally of Johnson saying, “Boris hates the comparisons with Trump. He wants to be a mainstream European leader. When he looks in the mirror, he wants to see Macron, not Trump.”

Johnson may not be Trump although I have always believed it takes one to know one – however delusional Trump may be, and he is, there is no doubt that he sees Johnson as a sort of Trumpian Mini-Me. And Johnson, however much he wishes it, is certainly no Macron.

The mirror never lies.

And for a rather less kind but sadly just as accurate comparison of Johnson and Trump, read Martin Fletcher in the New Statesman, Why Boris Johnson is dangerously close to Trump. And one thing Fletcher omits is that both take a great deal of time over their hair . . . perhaps that’s the mirror thing.

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