Another lame excuse

You would have thought, with five children between us, that there is very little any of them might now do or say that would surprise us. By and large this is the case, but #5 (the only boy) is the exception.

He has just finished his first term at Loughborough, mainly, if his Facebook photos are to be believed, spent in the usual manner (this involves liberal amounts of alcohol, body paint and attractive fellow students). This was followed by a week snowboarding in France. Earlier today, with Christmas a scarce three days away, his thoughts turned to buying Christmas presents for his siblings. But who wanted what? He decided to call home.

His conversation with #4 did not go well, as she chided him for failing to get his act together, and order things sooner. He remarked that while in France there had been no internet access. Why hadn’t he sorted things out sooner, she asked. Quite a reasonable question, you would have thought. Apparently he didn’t.

“I have had a very busy term” was his reply. Somewhat ill judged to someone in her final year, struggling to get her dissertation finished, essays in and reading completed. He will learn.